HI!! Its me jen!!

I began my yoga journey in 2011, after promising a friend to come to a class,  I  walked out of there and thought never again!

Until I  returned the next day....

Yoga was everything I needed and I fell in love! I fell in love with my strength, my life and above all, I fell in love with me. Yoga opened up something inside me that was always there, it just needed to be brought out. I am and grateful and blessed everyday for this practice. Both on my mat, and what I get to share with the world.

Anxiety and depression has been constant companions since my teens, thought this practice and the study of the practice, i have been able to practice mindfulness and breathing . It has served me as a way to help calm the sympathetic activity and balance the nervous system. When you take a deep breath, you tell the body to relax. 

I have been compared to a ball of energy so I design my classes to be  powerful, playful and heartfelt!  I combine creative sequencing with dharma talks and yogic traditions to deepen your practice. I love to weave thought provoking meditations thorough class, while encouraging growth both physically and spirituality.

I  completed my 200 YTT in 2013 at Yoga Power Works in Malvern, PA., is certified by Yoga Alliance, RYT . In  2017 I completed her training in Trauma and Recovery, through Transformational Yoga Project.

Over the years I have  facilitated workshops on the chakras, balance and hips. I have lead retreats from Costa Rica, and Honduras. While also traveling to Ecuador and the US for classes and trainings 

 In 2017 I  completed Level 1 Reiki and has received 2 of her 9 rites of Munay Ki, In 2018 I  was certified by Aqua Vida in SUP.

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    Embracing possibilities through breath,

movement, and adventure